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3/23/12 10:44 pm

sometimes i'm here.

4/29/08 11:19 pm

I haven't felt anything in quite some time now.

4/20/08 12:40 am - i hate how this applies to more than one person.

OH MY GOD. You are so freaking cool. The car you drive is so freaking cool. I am so jealous of all the people you drive around like a little bitch. You listen to such amazing music and take such fantastic photos. I don't see why anyone wouldn't have a crush on you, you're so deep*~. Everything you say is right because you TELL IT LIKE IT IS. I think your remarks behind other people's back that you've been holding in for so long are so witty. YOU are witty, of course. WE can be witty and talk about photos together and you can brag about how much you're getting better. But LOL of course it's so true, right? Please tell me what you learned in college because I am just in awe at how much you're able to apply it to real life. You give such amazing and insightful advice. Please let me be your best best best friend.


Get the fuck out. I hate everyone.
I'm going to pick up the ukulele again.

4/16/08 06:47 pm - the first 70 degree day.

I woke up at 8:30 from my alarm because I knew if I didn't set an alarm, I would have woken up at 1 and wasted like, half of this 70 degree day. I felt like death and my feet still hurt from junior promsss (which was sooo good.) and before she went to school, my sister told me to wash the remaining makeup that I had on. After I got up and did that. I watched a little bit of Yo Gabba Gabba on Nick Jr. and it took 2 hours of that and going online before I was like, kaaay what am I doing with my life.

I decided to go for a run and saw movie trailers at the end of my block. Running in the park was, you know. The sweetest Starbucks lady in the world purposely charged me for a tall when I ordered a grande. I walked home and still couldn't figure out what movie this was for. I go home, hop in the showers, watch some Maury and some guy from Com Ed. said that someone called from my address about the lights not working, which was weird because everything was working fine. I ate lunch while listening to more moms having some baby daddy drama on the TV when Jean came over and we met Carlos and Adrian at Starbucks and we plus Miles went back to school to find out that they're filming the movie in the gym.

The movie is called The Unborn and while in the gym, we tried to guess the plot. I guess Action/Horror and got it right after we looked it up on imdb.com. We also found out that the guy who played Volchok on the OC and the bad guy in Never Back Down is in the movie. Ohhhhh my Goddddd. I hope he makes an appearance. We stayed and watch the film crew set up before that got super boring and we left to go to Borders where I realized that Jean was a mega mega mega creep for reading romance novels, even though she claims that she doesn't read the dirty ones, like THIGH HIGH and SEXY BEAST I, II, III and IV.

Dairy Star was really nice except for it being windy like a bitch and having dirt get all up in my ice creams. Jean left and I waited with Adrian for my dad so I could get my report card.

My grades are as follows: AABBBBB. Haha. I suck.

I didn't expect this to be all TL;DR.

4/16/08 01:14 am

hmm so it's like 1 AM. i'm watching "demetri martin. person."
you can tell when a school function went insanely well when your feet hurt so much. :)
i'll have really bad prom pictures (not being modest when i say "bad", they really are terrible) up whenever.


4/10/08 11:55 pm - peace the fuck out, gordon.

I'm quitting track for sure, I decided. I don't care if that totally puts me @ risk of getting fat, track sucked and I wasn't having as much fun as I was sophomore year. I don't know, something must have been wrong with me being on the team if I had thought about quitting since January. I figured that better weather would make it more enjoyable but I'm tired of putting off the decision of leaving for another week and for once, warmer weather isn't making me more optimistic. I think my biggest fear is wondering what would have happened if I had decided to stick it out another month. Irregardless, I'm relieved.


4/7/08 10:15 pm

What the fuck was I thinking?

I really dislike track.

4/6/08 02:05 am

I still have another year before I get all teary-eyed knowing that we pulled off another successful International Night.


I don't appreciate being the third or fourth person on your prom date list and I don't appreciate it even more how you assume that I'm going to say yes because I don't have a date myself.

4/3/08 07:15 pm

OH MY GOD, I am very glad that this week is over.

Throwing at track practice was a good change of pace from the sprinting, (which was then again, a good change of pace from the distance running a la sophomore year) The kids that throw are totally not clique-y. And considering that it's TRACK and seeing as I don't run like a 60 second 400, I, for one, was very surprised at how much I enjoyed today. I'm glad because I was almost positive that today was going to be my last practice. There was only so much I could take of not talking, being a slowpoke, bad weather and inside jokes I wasn't in on.

If you add up the minutes I've been on the phone this week, it would be more than the past 6 months combined. I'm not a fan of the phone at all, I don't know how Calvin managed to do it.

I have very mixed opinions about International Night.

No one pays attention to hallway music ever but I totes dug the Jason Mraz that was going on in those 8 minutes today.
She wants to go with him to prom, he wanted to go with me and I wanted to go with you. I blame karma on how that all happened to not work out. Irregardless, we all are still kind of left kind of unhappy and dateless. But whatever, I AINT GON TO PROM. Maybe. Not with a legit date~~ (I don't really get the "~~" usage), at least. I never really did the whole date thing anyways. I have been on one date ever (I need to stop bringing this up, it happened almost a year ago) and it freaked me the fuck out.

Is it still stealing when you're plotting to take something that hasn't been touched in 8 months? I think it is because it still involves breaking a lock.

4/1/08 11:27 pm

Things that were cracked open a little today:

1. my amazing green thumb ring
2. my heart

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